A New Era of
X-Ray Spectroscopy

August 19-30
Fudan University


Warm and hot astrophysical plasmas are ubiquitous in the Universe, e.g. stellar coronae, hot gas in supernova remnants, ionized outflows running away from black holes, hot atmosphere of individual galaxies and galaxy assemblies, and warm-hot intergalactic medium in the cosmic web filaments. Characteristic emission and absorption spectral features in high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy provide powerful diagnostics to quantify the physical properties of the ionized plasmas, including temperature, density, abundance, kinematics, etc. These physical properties are essential to advance our knowledge of the formation and evolution of the Universe.

In the past few decades, high-resolution X-ray spectra have been sourced from the grating spectrometers aboard Chandra and XMM-Newton. In the next decade, we will enter a golden era for high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy, when most of the next-generation X-ray space observatories will have high-resolution spectrometers aboard, such as XRISM/Resolve, Athena/X-IFU, and proposed missions like HUBS, Arcus, LEM, etc. All these missions will provide a large number of high-resolution X-ray spectra.

The main goal of this I-HOW/COSPAR workshop is to facilitate the learning of high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy for early-career scientists in the Asia-Pacific countries. We will invite experts to teach

  • Current high-resolution X-ray spectrometers and archival databases;
  • Data reduction and analysis skills on high-resolution X-ray spectra,
  • Astrophysical plasma models and the underlying atomic data,
  • The next generation of high-resolution X-ray spectrometers,
  • Writing and evaluating observational proposals.

  • We will provide hands-on exercises for the learners.

    Important dates

    • Release Program: 1 January 2024
    • Webpage online & school announced, open registration: 24 Januray (WED) 2024
    • Registration deadline: 22 March (FRI) 2024
    • Selection of students announced: 22 April (MON) 2024
    • Arrival to Shanghai: 18 August (SUN) 2024
    • Start of the workshop : 19 August (MON) 2024
    • End of the workshop : 30 August (FRI) 2024
    • The number of participants is limited to 30 as there are sessions with exercises

      This is a School


    For any queries and information please contact us via email at: hr_xrayspectroscopy_2024@outlook.com